The board of The Techshop SGR


Gianluca d’agostino


Aurelio Mezzotero


Gianluca d’agostino


Aurelio Mezzotero


carlo brunetti

Carlo Brunetti

Notary and serial investor

He personally takes part or through family holdings in a number of startups.

He was a member of the Italian angels for growth (Iag) council for 6 years until June 2021. At the moment he’s a champion (responsible for the investment) of two biomedical companies (USA and Finland).

He has followed the screening and investment process in dozens of technology companies as part of Iag.

antonello lupo

Antonello Lupo

Lawyer, Angel Investor

Specialised in tax and corporate law, with a particular experience in consulting for Italian and foreign companies in company restructuring, M&A, taxation of business income and financial operations.

He’s a consultant on succession planning and trust.

barbara zanardi

romina guglielmetti



She is an expert in corporate governance and corporate law in companies and financial intermediaries. She has experience in corporate law, banking law and financial markets, including Euronext Growth Milan. For several years she has been dealing with legal issues relating to the corporate governance of listed companies, public companies and banks. Owner of STARCLEX – Studio Legale Associato Guglielmetti since 2013, she first collaborated with leading Italian law firms. Journals with offices in management and/or control bodies in various companies.

Board of statutory auditors

francesco ricotta

Francesco Ricotta


Full-time Professor of Marketing and Management

He teaches at La Sapienza University in Rome.
For twenty years he has been collaborating with some of the main Italian business schools with a focus on the issues of behaviour and technologies.
He is the author and co-author of numerous publications in academic journals. He is a member of the scientific committee of Luiss Xite, an interdisciplinary research centre on Behavior and Technologies with a priority focus on decision-making processes and the behaviour of Citizens, Consumers, Individuals, Communities.

marco sensidoni

Marco Sensidoni

Chartered Accountant and Auditor

He has many years of experience in leading Italian and international law firms in tax litigation and pre-litigation, drafting rulings and consulting in the tax aspects of acquisition and post-acquisition reorganizations.

He deals with domestic and international tax planning, holds positions on the board of statutory auditors of companies, has held lectures in seminars and workshops at institutions and leading companies and is the author of technical publications.

giacomo albano

Giacomo Albano

Chartered Accountant and Tax Partner

For over 10 years he has been a Partner of the EY Tax Law Firm, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of tax consultancy for Italian and multinational companies and groups.
He holds positions as chairman and member of the supervisory body of leading corporations operating in various industrial sectors.
He is the author of numerous publications in major newspapers and magazines specializing in tax issues and has participated in the drafting of several volumes on tax matters.