“ “It’s a rare moment in which the stars align in the skies of our country. In the world today, Italy is where to invest”

Guido Maria Brera

“ “It’s a rare moment in which the stars align in the skies of our country. In the world today, Italy is where to invest”

Guido Maria Brera

investment thesis


We provide capital to solutions for the Enterprise & SME segments powered by product-led companies – i.e. those innovative realities with an initial market validation driven by a software product that becomes the object of continuous and almost obsessive improvement by its creators.
In terms of sectors, also thanks to our network of over 20 experts, we cover all verticals impacted by software products, with no preference for industry.
In terms of innovation type, we invest in those categories often overlooked by the big IT incumbents, such as vertical applications of AI, business automation, DevOps tools. SaaS and PaaS are the distribution and pricing models we favor.
The 20+ strong pool of industry expert and advisors at our side allows us to delve into innovations across multiple sectors – such as fintech, proptech, insurtech and martech – and to be comfortably sector-agnostic.


We only invest in companies led by visionary founders, with specific expertise in software development and product management, and only where there is a solid, hard-to-replicate technology that belongs – preferably – to one or more of these areas: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Analytics, Data Security.


We focus on startups that bet on Italy as a starting base for a global path or as an important stage of development.
We devote special attention to the South, where there are talents and realities that are often undervalued.
We also look carefully at Italian founders who have launched a startup abroad and who could return to Italy to set up an operative entity.


The Techshop is an ecosystem player, able to catalyse inputs from 4 clusters:

acceleratori e incubatori

The Techshop Team has already signed collaboration agreements with Angel Networks, Family Offices, Accelerators and Universities. Techshop Primo, our first fund, has been invested by some prominent family offices, entrepreneurs and high profile executives, who will reinforce our competency pool and fertilize the Techshop ecosystem.

Our domain experts panel with the help of our investors support Techshop team in every key step, from BP assessment to technology/IP diligence. The Techshop ecosystem is able to enhance the portfolio development and the value creation towards the exit stage.

Our global links will help catalyse our companies’ business expansion and M&A opportunities on overseas markets.