“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

The Techshop was born out of the desire to harness Italy’s plentiful seed investment opportunities while amplifying our contribution to the Italian Tech Ecosystem.

We see a bulge forthcoming of more than Eur 16 bn per annum in extra software expenditures by PMI and large firms throughout the next years, also fuelled by the PNRR expansive programme.

A good part of this demand cannot be satisfied by established software vendors, providing oftentimes monolithic and expensive product platforms, also too dependent on old-style commercial offerings, but it will rather be available for newcomers, offering both on-premise and SAAS-cloud value propositions. These are the up and coming digital companies, that will spearhead innovation throughout the major economies. The hit or the failure of this creative destruction depends on the presence of knowledgeable early-stage investors. The Techshop aims to be one of those.

Our recipe starts from a meticulous screening of talented teams, to whom we will provide patient capital and our “tech workshop tools”: mentorship, managerial support, and access to a wider network of expertise.

We also think the Italian cultural heritage, far from being out-of-date, may become an asset in the current economic world. Just like the “bottegas” of the renaissance era, true innovation hotbeds but also constant status-quo challengers, we will bet on product excellence and knowledge dissemination, keeping a steadfast focus on sales expansion and sustainability of the companies we will invest into.

A tenacious founding team is a key to success in a digital startup: the team is the product. We aim to develop the founders’ full potential, challenging them to raise the bar and to think on a global scale. For this, we have developed a human capital evaluation framework that is thorough and “fact-based”, just like any other due diligence area.

our philosophy


Venture Capital is key for a flourishing economy and will become a cornerstone of any financial asset allocation


We aim to achieve financial returns amongst the upper quartile of European venture funds, building trusted links with our founders and help them thrive


We are driven by Passion, Continuous Learning, Discipline, Team spirit, Respect


The best startups do choose their investors, not viceversa. We want to be deliberately chosen from startups and co-investors: «We won’t let them down!»


We look for talent where only few investors dare to look. Diversity, inclusiveness and meritocracy are our North Star

Aiming to place environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters at the core of our processes.

our methodology

A brand-new approach to the Italian VC market

We will import to the Early Stage the skillset and know-how characteristics of the later stages.

We will amplify the opportunities for our portfolio companies in Fund raising rounds and at the Exit.

relazioni con angles e altri tech hub

Special relationships with Angel Networks and Tech Hubs

We will facilitate connections with Angels, thanks to our track record within the Italian Angels community.

We have gathered outstanding personalities of the Tech space and of the Industrial ecosystem to join our project.

focus su startup business to business

Active Portfolio Management and Development

We will assist the founders on strategic and operational matters.

We will encourage the adoption of “OKR models” to set goals and measure performances.

contributo attivo al portafoglio

Business Development

We will back our portfolio companies to grow their business, building revenue and attracting talents.

We will help accelerate the “go-to-market”, facilitating the product showcase to Enterprises via our network.