“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

We believe that technological progress is the main source of growth for humanity and the only way to succeed in doing more with fewer resources.

We agree with economists on the idea that the growth of an economy’s productivity – due to technological progress – allows for prices to fall, supply to increase and demand to expand, in turn improving the well-being of the entire population.

We believe that the engine of global technological innovation is no longer confined to a few geographical areas – e.g. Silicon Valley – but that thanks to lower barriers – both entry barriers in the software space and mobility barriers for talent to move freely – this can be set in motion anywhere – including Italy.

We believe that Italy has an unfair advantage when it comes to human capital, which has always been driven by innate curiosity and adaptability, as demonstrated by the countless Italians who live and have lived abroad, bringing with them valuable technological and business know-how when they decide to return.

We believe that Italy has great potential in the tech space, of which innovative software companies – particularly those with a SaaS model – are carriers.

We believe in the values of ambition, persistence, resilience and courage. We believe that the probability of success of any venture is inevitably linked to the foundersskills and abilities.

We believe in the principle of no harm to our habitat and planet Earth and believe it is fair to offset any potential negative externalities of the companies we engage with.


Tech startups are the seeds of the industrial future of any advanced ecosystem. Venture Capital plays a key role in harmonizing capital, talent and technological know-how and enabling the acceleration of the digital transition


We aim to generate financial returns aligned with the best European Venture Capital funds, developing a “hands-on” partnership with our founders and helping them succeed


Passion, Continuous Training, Rigor, Team Spirit, Respect for People, Meritocracy, Diversity and Inclusion are our polar stars

our methodology

Proud seed investor

We believe that early-stage investing is one of the few segments where an Italian VC can compete in a globalized market. Our proximity to the founders, expertise and care for relationships all represent a competitive advantage even with respect to prestigious international investors.

Innovative approach

In the current landscape, The Techshop is one of the few Italian funds entirely focused on seed stage and possessing the experience, network, and mindset to support startups in all phases of the product roadmap, from design to go-to-market to internationalization, while also managing to involve other investors – both from Italy and abroad – in subsequent fundraising rounds.

relazioni con angles e altri tech hub


Thanks to solid relationships built over time, we operate and invest alongside leading Italian angel networks and have active and frequent collaborations with leading international and domestic tech hubs.

focus su startup business to business

Active Support

We support founders on both strategic and operational matters, encouraging the adoption of OKR-driven management models to set and monitor company goals and actively contributing to the portfolio.

contributo attivo al portafoglio

Business Development

We work with startups throughout their growth, helping them both generate revenue and bring talent and expertise on board. We support them in their go-to-market, accelerating access to SME and Enterprise markets.