Gianluca d’agostino

Managing Partner

Aurelio Mezzotero

Managing Partner

Gianluca d’agostino

Managing Partner

Aurelio Mezzotero

Managing Partner

elisa guerrini

Elisa Guerrini

Investment Analyst

Graduated in International Economics and Management from Bocconi University and specialized in Corporate Finance at the ESCP in Paris. She began her career in venture capital through experiences in two German VC funds, Redstone and Picus Capital. She is passionate about innovation and digital transformation.

In Techshop, Elisa is responsible for: the screening and pre-selection of possible investment opportunities, the redaction of documents and analysis for the due diligence process, the handling of the deal flow and the first part of the screening process with the identified targets.


Andrea Orsini

Junior Investment Analyst

Andrea is currently in the second year of the MSc in Management at Bocconi University and the Norwegian School of Economics as part of a Double Degree program.

He graduated with honours in Economics and Commerce from the University of Pisa, with an exchange course in UK. He gained his work experience in the real estate sector at the family business and the manufacturing sector.

SGR Operations


Alberto Pandolfi


Alberto has developed a significant experience in the financial sector of industry and asset management (Azimut SGR, Prisma SGR and others). He’s very competent in banking, management and M&A. He’s been for many years a Consulting Professional focused on Italian companies and on their investors. He’s our man for relations with the outsourcing companies (compliance, risk, etc.), as well as with the administrative and financial processes of the SGR, including budget and procedures.



office manager

Sheila has a degree in Business Administration from the Federico Villarreal University of Lima in Peru and specializes in the bilingual executive secretariat.
She worked in a multimedia entertainment games company and, for 13 years, held customer service and market analysis roles in sales projection.
In The Techshop she takes care of all activities related to the organization and management of the Milan office.


Enrica Lipari

Talent advisor

Enrica works in the HR and Organization field, taking roles of increasing responsibilities through fast-paced digital international companies. Moreover, she supports research and innovation, actively participating in the communities and collaborating with universities and postgraduate schools with lectures on HR / Change Management / Agile topics. Currently People & Culture Director in Growens, Enrica collaborates with The Techshop in supporting the Talent strategy, from the human capital due diligence up to the company’s founding team coaching on their leadership development and their startup staff growth towards the scaleup.


Noa Sevilla

Communication Manager

Noa is an expert in communication and B2B digital marketing.
In The Techshop she handles corporate communication and digital content. She worked in the internal communication of Pfizer and she has been the Corporate Communication Director in Neomobile for more than ten years. Today she is in charge of Corporate Communication in Codemotion.
Noa is also a coach and a certified Scrum Master, an expert in agile methodologies and community manager of Agile Talks, a community of more than 2000 members.

Advisory Partner


Andrea Rangone

Andrea Rangone is a full-time professor of Strategy & Marketing and Digital Business Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano. He’s the Scientific Director of the Digital Innovation Observatories of the University’s School of Management, which he co-founded in 1999. The Observatories are a center for innovative research and successful internationally in analyzing and measuring the impact of digital technologies in the business world.

He’s the director of numerous master and executive courses at the Politecnico di Milano’s Business School. He’s published numerous articles nationally and internationally in the areas of strategic handling of digital innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and hi-tech startups.

He has founded and financed various digital startups. The most well-known is Digital 360, a company he cofounded in 2012 and made public in 2017. Today it’s a public company on the Euronext Growth Milan “EGM” (previously AIM) market of the Italian stock exchange. From the very beginning, Digital 360 has grown at an average annual rate of 39%, thanks to an organic growth of 20% and a clear M&A strategy. Andrea was the CEO of Digital360 up until 2020, when he became its President.


Francesco Cicione

Entepreneur and optimist, linking thought and action. He operates in the world of innovation and is engaged in innovative storytelling to help make sense of the complexities of contemporary life.

Founder and president of Entopan – Smart Networks & Strategies. He has promoted e coordinated the birth of Harmonic Innovation Group Benefit Holding SPA and the development of Harmonic Innovation Hub, the most extended and complex innovation campus in the south of Italy and the Mediterranean area. He has coordinated and promoted the birth of Entopan Innovation, Harmonic Innovation Research and OASI – Oltre Advanced School of Innovation, a Corporate Academy of which he is the co-director.

He’s one of the Colorni-Hirschman International Institute, and its Executive Vice-President. He has inspired the Harmonic Innovation paradigm. He’s the curator and director of the book series “Harmonic Innovation” by Rubettino Editors as well as the Harmonic Innovation Festival.